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Protecting yourself starts at home! Start by covering up any cuts, scrapes, or sores on your skin. If you have a cold or flu-like symptoms, stay home! Bring your own water bottle to avoid having to use the water fountains and your own towel. Don’t forget your shower shoes if you’re someone who likes to shower at the gym. When beginning your workout don’t forget to wipe down the equipment before you work out to protect yourself, and to wipe down the equipment after to protect others.
Make sure to sanitize your hands after a workout and to change out of your sweaty clothes and sneakers. The dark and moist environment of your sneakers and sports bra can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. A quick shower after the gym not only helps you cool down after a strenuous workout but it also helps keep you healthy. Gym owners can keep their athletes safe by hiring dedicated cleaning professionals like the Cleaning Custodian that use cleaning materials tailored to your needs and those of your athletes in training.

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